Newborn Nearly Dies After Sitting In Traffic For Too Long

She Spent Nearly Two Hours in the Car Seat

So much about the newborn phase can be really scary. They’re so small and delicate, and it feels like so many different things pose a danger. It’s hard enough trying to manage to do all the right things. But when something terrifying happens that you didn’t even realize was a possibility, it can really shake you. A family in Scotland is breathing a sigh of relief that their baby is OK, after the newborn nearly died after spending too much time in her car seat. This story will very likely be a wake-up call to parents everywhere.

Kirsti and Christopher Clark have two daughter, 3-year-old Malena and 3-week-old Harper. The family went on an outing to do some shopping, and headed home. The trip home took a bit longer than expected because of traffic.

When they arrived home, the parents left Harper in her car seat to put Malena to bed.

When they went to get Harper out, things took a terrible turn. The newborn was struggling to get comfortable, and then began having trouble breathing. Her lips turned blue and she started having a seizure. The terrified parents rushed Harper to the hospital, where doctors told the stunned parents what nearly cost Harper her life.

Kirsti and Christopher had no idea the danger this posed…

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