New York Mets Star Daniel Murphy Hit Back At Critics Who Say He Should Have Played Ball Than Be At His Son’s Birth


Being a professional athlete is tough work (no matter how you justify it), but being a professional athlete and a father is even tougher. Just ask New York Mets star Daniel Murphy recently sparked ire when he decided to be by his wife Tori’s bedside while missing the first two games of the season back in April.

It’s a tough call, because a) his son’s birth only happens once and is also one of the most important events of his life and b) being a pro baseball player is his job that also brings home the bacon.

According to The Today Show, the proud papa said that missing his son Noah’s birth to play the two games was never a consideration.

“That never crossed, I don’t think, my mind or her mind,” Murphy said.

To make things worse, two radio hosts said that his wife Tori should have considered a c-section so that Murphy could have made the games instead.

“I would have said, ‘C-section before the season starts,’” talk show host Boomer Esiason said. “’I need to be at opening day. I’m sorry, this is what makes our money. this is how we’re going to live our life. This is going to give our child every opportunity to be a success in life. I’ll be able to afford any college I want to send my kid to because I’m a baseball player.’”

Co-host Craig Carton chimed in too, with, “Get your a— back in the game and you play baseball.”

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