New Study Says There’s a Potential Link Found Between Fevers and Autism

I often tell people that becoming a mom has made me a much healthier person. Actually, becoming a mom has made me more health conscious. I was one of those health and germ-obsessed people during my pregnancy and of course after I gave birth to my first child. I didn’t want to take any chances and even avoided taking Tylenol for my headaches. For me, my child’s safety was of my utmost concern.

During both of my pregnancies I didn’t suffer from any extreme bouts of sicknesses or fall under the weather. Honestly, I consider myself one of the lucky ones and that’s because there’s a new study that says there’s a link between autism and moms who get fevers during their pregnancy. For some, this might answer some questions while for others, this might leave them with even more questions. Here’s what we know.

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A healthy pregnancy is your best pregnancy

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