New Study Says That Women In Labour Would Benefit From A Light Meal During Childbirth

The act of childbirth is one of the most physically demanding acts any woman will undergo in their lifetime, yet it’s been years that women have been discouraged from eating anything during the long hours of labour. Some women have short labours lasting just a few hours, yet there are many who endure more than 24 hours of labour before they finally welcome their baby, and many of them don’t eat for that entire time.

A new study is showing that labouring mothers might benefit from a light meal during labour to give them the energy they need for such a physically demanding process. CBS News shares that the reasoning for not allowing women to eat or drink during labour stems from medical practices, such as the use of anaesthesia, that has long been outdated. They say that a study by the American Society of Anaesthesiologists shows that most healthy women would benefit from a light meal during labour. They analyzed recent studies and concluded that ‘Women in labour need the same kind of energy and calories as a marathon runner. When they don’t get it their bodies turn to fat for energey which can reduce contractions and lead to longer labour and lower health scores in newborns.’

I think this makes total and complete sense and as long as it poses no health risk to the mom or baby it would definitely be beneficial to the labouring mom to keep up her energy. What do you think Hot Moms, would you want to eat during labour or were you fine with ice chips?


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