New Report Says We Don’t Take Enough Vacations With Our Kids


Here’s a fact that I’m sure won’t surprise many people out there: American families don’t take enough vacations throughout the year. As much as we need our hard-earned break, many families out there either can’t afford a week-long vacation or simply don’t have enough time to get away from their hectic 9-5 jobs!

According to Good Morning America, vacations are not only good for us both mentally and physically, but it’s also a great time to get away from our daily grind and bond with our children. Unfortunately though, the United States is one of the worst countries when it comes to the number of paid vacation days plus paid national holidays we get, compared to other countries from around the world.

Here are the number of legally mandated vacation days that we get compared to a few Western European nations (along with New Zealand):

Austria: 38

Portugal: 35

Spain: 34

Italy and France: 31

Belgium, Germany, and New Zealand: 30

United States: 0

That’s just mind blowing, isn’t it? Although researchers do say that there are different alternatives that will allow us hard working moms and dads to take mini-breaks such as longer weekends, planning a getaway off-season or simply taking a “staycation.” Plus, when it comes to vacation time, you either lose it or use it: some companies won’t let you carry over your paid time off, so it’s good to recharge before those days are gone.

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