New Mom Gives Birth and Then Loses Limbs From Flesh-Eating Disease

Expecting a child is one of the most exciting times in a couple’s lives. Preparations are being made, including the getting the nursery ready, installing the car seat, and buying baby clothes. An expectant couple may also decide to take Lamaze or pre-natal classes, tour the hospital, and even pack a hospital bag.

No matter how much you think ahead, plan and prepare for baby, often labor and delivery don’t go according to plan. Many times couples are faced with decisions right there in the delivery room. Hopefully expectant parents have researched and decided on a few things, such as whether to have a natural childbirth, or the epidural, and who is allowed into the hospital room. Will your partner cut the umbilical cord?

Hubley, 33, gave birth to her son Myles on March 2nd. She and her fiance Mike Sampson were given the all-clear to bring their son Myles home a couple days after he was born.

In the early hours of March 5, however, Hubley began feeling a “sharp, distinct, abdominal pain.” At 9 a.m., the couple and their newborn returned to IWK Health Center in Nova Scotia, Canada for the discomfort. The doctors said she was suffering from constipation, and send Hubley home.

husband banned from delivery room
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Lindsey Hubley thought the delivery of her first child went according to plan.

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