New Mom Facing Charges After Leaving Baby Alone in Car For 3 Minutes So She Could Grab a Donut

    I don’t think I’ve ever left my kids in my car unattended for any amount of time, not because I’m a ‘perfect’ mom, but because I was always a paranoid mom when my kids were little. But I do know people who would leave a sleeping baby in the car if they needed to run in to a store quickly to grab something, locking the car and leaving it in their sight line the entire time.

    While it’s not something I would do, I think it’s walking a fine line to have someone arrested if they chose to do it, but that’s exactly where a new mom in Virginia finds herself after leaving her sleeping baby in her car to run in to a local convenience store to grab a quick donut, which took her all of 3 minutes.

    mom arrested for leaving baby in car to get donut
    Credit: Shutterstock

    Do you think this was justified?


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