New Mom Completely Transformed Her Postpartum Body by Cutting Out This 1 Daily Habit

Do you struggle with your weight?

Since I can remember, I feel like I’ve struggled with my weight. I was an average weight growing up; not slim, not overweight – somewhere in the middle. But when I got into acting, my size 8 was too large for those standards. I was “thicker” than the rest of the girls going out to audition. I felt I couldn’t compete with a size 0 or 2.

I reminded myself that I was “big boned” and that I could never even attempt to be less than a size 6 because my bones wouldn’t allow it.

In my 20s and of course, in university, I went up to a size 12 and after some dieting and exercise, dropped back down again to a size 8. Then when I turned 30 and had my first child, I gained more than I even counted.

Once I hit the 50-pound mark, I told the nurse during pre-natal visits to stop telling me the number on the scale. I would have to deal with the pregnancy weight loss later.

I lost all but 10 pounds of weight after my first was born, only to gain it all back again when I became pregnant with my second child two years later.

Maggie weight loss
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Maggie shares her weight-loss secrets

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Maria Lianos Carbone

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