New Mom Is Going Viral Because Of Her Reaction To Alcohol After 9 Months Of Sobriety

“My sister finally drank after nine months of being pregnant, and this is what happens.”

    There are a lot of things we have to give up or put off for the time being when we are pregnant. So many things we’re not allowed to eat, or do, or play and it’s hard. Of course it makes sense and is totally worth it to bring a beautiful, happy baby into the world. But, as a new mom sometimes you start to crave all those things you could not do when you were pregnant

    Anyone remember what it was like when you were able to sleep on your stomach for the first time when you were a new mom and no longer pregnant? HEAVEN.

    For some people, pregnancy means you’re not able to do certain self-care measures or even chill and relax. When you have a cold, not being able to take cold medicine sucks. When you want to unwind after a hair-pulling stressful weekend, your go to might be wine or a cold beer.

    Not being able to have that during pregnancy sucks for some. Again, worth it… but being able to have a sip when you’re not pregnancy anymore is awesome. It’s one of those things moms joke about as their labor and birth date creeps up.

Devan McGuinness

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