New Fitness Craze Has Moms Using Their Kids to Get Back Into Their Pre-Pregnancy Jeans

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buggy bootcamp
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According to the Daily Mail, Founder Nicola Ostler started Buggy Bootcamp after the birth of her first baby and classes now take place all over the U.K. and the United States.

She said: “The classes focus on posture, pelvic floor health and regaining your core strength and general muscle tone that has been affected by pregnancy and childbirth. You work at your own level with appropriate exercises and won’t be pushed beyond your limit. Each session is different and revolves around lots of chatting and absolutely no burpees or tire flipping.”

And here’s the best part: a lot of people are raving about buggy bootcamp and how it’s helped them both physically and mentally. Some rave reviews have included have started to filter in.

“BuggyBootcamp gives me, a post natal depression sufferer, an incentive to get out regularly exercising, socializing, and doing something positive and beneficial for myself, without the worry of childcare or being separated from my baby,” one person writes.

Another writes, “After 3 years of avoiding exercise for one reason or another, how wonderful to at last find a form of exercise that I not only enjoy immensely, but also a class to which I am able to take my two young children to. Whoever would of believed you could exercise with a 17 month old and a 3 year old in tow.”

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