New Fitness Craze Has Moms Using Their Kids to Get Back Into Their Pre-Pregnancy Jeans

Back when my children were still toddlers, I used to have amazing arms. That’s because just like many other parents out there I would carry my kids from point a to point b or heck even upstairs to their rooms after our late night outings. And let me tell you, they were chunky little things! But because I was used to carrying them around so often, I developed some serious arm muscles. Ok, they weren’t Cross Fit-serious, but I can swear to you that I did see some definition there.

Well it looks like someone was thinking the same thing we have been thinking this entire time: that our babies make great weights and developed a new fitness craze. Yes, you’re baby can help you lose weight and build muscle. Here’s how.

mom and child
Credit: Shutterstock/ Tyler Olson

This new fitness craze has moms everywhere using their kids to get back into their pre-pregnancy jeans!

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