Here Are ALL The New Emojis Coming To Your Phone Soon

There are SO MANY good ones.

Talking to friends and family is so much different for my kids than it was for me growing up. I didn’t have the ability to text people or talk in emojis. If I wanted to talk to my friends I had to pick up the phone and call and actually talk to their parents and ask to talk to them. Or I had to wait until I could see them at school. That’s obvi not the case now and as a super introvert, I am so thankful for this new typical form of communication.

I love emojis. They’re the perfect response to anything and as they are expanded we are getting less and less reasons to have to actually use words. Sounds bad, because language is important. But, along with the faster and easier way to communicate also comes with being “on” and available all the time. People can see if you’re online. They can see if you’ve received the message. If you have read the message. So that means you’re often multitasking many different things.

And that’s why an emoji language is valuable. You can reply quickly and as they’re offering more and more designs and features, they are getting even more accurate for expression.

And now we’re getting even more because  there are new 2018 emojis being introduced by Unicode. They are perfection, too.

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Devan McGuinness

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