New Dad Writes a Sweet Note Asking Other Dads to ‘Respect the Mother of Your Child’

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Every woman in the world knows how hard it is to stay at home and take care of the children while their partner goes to work every day, even though said partner might think it’s not so hard.

I decided to work from home after I had my second child and I can’t count the number of days my husband would come home and side eye me, wondering (silently, because if he said it out loud I would have killed him!) what I could possibly be doing all day that I didn’t have time to make dinner or clean the house.

Don’t get me wrong, many days dinner was on the table and the house was clean, but we all know that doesn’t happen every day because kids are a lot of exhausting, messy work and only a robot can do everything that needs to be done in a house and take care of a child every day.

One dad seems to get it and what he says is something we need to share.

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