There’s A New Term For C-Sections That Gives Power Back To Moms

C-Section moms are tired of being told their births weren't "natural" or "real"

    Pregnancy is an amazing, powerful thing. You grew a human! In your body! Our bodies do miraculous things, and that includes childbirth. I had two vaginal births, but I didn’t really care one or the other how my babies came out, as long as they vacated my uterus safely and in good health.

    Whether your children were delivered vaginally or via c-section, they made it out, and you’re a rock star.

    However, the language we use when talking about childbirth can make it seem like one is better than the other. And c-sections moms deal with that hurtful distinction everyday. We say “natural birth” when referring to a vaginal birth. Moms who had vaginal births “gave” birth to their children, but c-section moms had this thing happen to them which resulted in their baby being born.

    newborn baby
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    Vaginal births are something you do, and c-sections are something that are done to you.

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