This Is Exactly Why Guys Should Never Ignore Their Wives on Facebook

Facebook is kind of my go to social media site. Every morning, before I begin work, I take about a half hour to scroll through my Facebook feed and catch up on what everyone is doing. Sometimes I’ll save an interesting article or maybe a recipe I want to try, and generally it’s where I get my breaking news.

One of my favorite functions of Facebook is the ‘on this day’ feature that shows you posts from the past year that you posted on the same date. These are often posts I’ll re-share and tag my husband in, because they’re mostly older pictures of our kids that make me ‘awwww’ first thing in the morning and I want to share it with him.

Tagging can be a bit tricky though when it comes to Facebook. Nothing is more irritating when someone randomly tags you and a million other people in a post and you have to deal with countless notifications of comments until you get the nerve to untag yourself. I’ll admit, I rarely read posts I’m tagged in unless the person tagging is close to me (husband, parent) and I know other people feel the same.

Do you always look and read the articles you’re tagged in, or do you ignore them and delete the tag? One dad recently posted about why husbands should never ignore their wives on Facebook (or at all, really) and he makes a really compelling argument about why what wives are tagging husbands in really is important.

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Does your husband ignore your tags?

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