Netflix Released The List Of The Most Watched Shows In 2017

The bingeing was out of control

One of my favorite things to do when I have some down time, which is hard to find, is to curl up on the couch with a blanket and turn on Netflix. I love to have the ability to choose what I watch. Gone are the days of flipping through the cable channels wishing that there was more to watch than just super old reruns of Golden Girls or some lame infomercial that you can’t stop quoting.

Not only is it great to choose what you watch, but let’s be honest, having the ability to pause mid-show, rewind, and watch again later is important. More so when you’re a parent and you get 3 minutes into the show and your kid comes calling at you. It’s annoying and I swear it happens every time I get ready to spend some quite time bingeing my favorite shows.

I know I’m not alone in loving the ability to do this. And Netflix released their list of the most binged shows, movies, and documentaries you can find on Netflix. Because not all bingeing session is the same, it’s broken down into categories. Each category explains how something was binged: whether it was savored, shared, cheated, or devoured.

The list is really interesting and there are some shows on Netflix that I’m going to have to add to my watch list.

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Devan McGuinness

Devan McGuinness is the Managing Editor of Moms and she's has an odd obsession with useless movie and TV trivia. She's one of the weird ones that reads IMDb trivia instead of watching the movie. When she's not at work you can hear her answering the question "why" twenty-billion times thanks to her four kids. Got something to say? Send me an email at

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