Netflix Is Adding New Parental Control Features To Make Safe Watching Easier

This will change everything.

Kids have it so good right now. Gone are the days of sitting around waiting for your favorite TV show to come on. No more sitting through commercials and lame shows just because there’s a half hour TV show that you don’t want to miss. Saturday morning cartoons aren’t really a thing anymore and instead our kids get the joy of Netflix. Being able to choose what they want to watch, when they want to watch it is like the biggest perk. But, there is one downfall — there isn’t as much protection over what they are watching.

Traditional TV shows were not allowed to come on until a certain time in the evening if they were not suited for children. If the show or movie had any swearing, violence, or mature themes, it would not usually be shown on television until after 10pm. This means most kids would not be able to see it unless they stayed up past their bedtime and found themselves in front of the television.

Weekends are for bingeing.

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That didn’t happen a lot so we didn’t have to worry about our kids seeing things or hearing bad language. But, Netflix has our backs and they’ve added two new parental controls that will seriously change the way we watch TV.

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Devan McGuinness

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