10 Netflix Hacks That Will Take Your Binging to the Next Level


There is nothing like looking up at the clock on a Friday and seeing the little hand on the clock just moments away from hitting that 5. Before you know it you’ll be through your front doors, get your kids fed and in bed, and your real fun can begin. Take off your bra, settle into your bed and hang with your best friend, Netflix.

Since Netflix changed their business model and gave everyone access to full seasons of TV series, interesting documentaries, and movies of all genres, evening and weekends have never been the same. No more are we slaves to whatever happens to be on the TV schedule at the time. Why? Because we’re in control now! We can watch what we want (well, it has to be on Netflix), and we can watch as much of it as our heart — or more accurately, our time — will allow.

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There is a reason we all joke about how much we love to Netflix and chill, that’s because it makes the perfect date for any situation. It’s great if you’re hanging with your partner — new or old — perfect for times when you want to unwind by yourself, the ideal go-to if you have a child who is home sick from school. It’s perfect and we all use and love the service, but did you know you’re probably not getting everything out of the service that you could?

There are hacks and secrets that can take your love of Netflix, and your plans, to the next level and we’re giving all those secrets away now.

1. Use Those Ratings

Most of the time we just find what we want, press play, and grieve a little when it’s all over. But, there’s another step that you should do when you’ve finished watching a movie, TV series, or documentary and that’s to use those stars and rate what you just saw. Netflix used to have a 5-star rating system that some people found a little confusing. It would be one color and stood for a prediction on how much you’d like the title, based on what you’ve watched before.

Earlier this year, Netflix announced they’re going away with the stars and in its place came a thumbs up and thumbs down — and a more clear percentage number next to each title. This is based on what your viewing habits predict you’ll like or not like and you can influence with the thumbs. This ensures you’re going to get more out of your Netflix and see things you’re more likely to love.

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