10 Easy and Highly Effective Natural Ways to Whiten Your Teeth

I only started drinking coffee regularly about two years ago and that’s only because my husband came home one day with a Keurig. And let me tell you, it changed my life. For the longest time I thought that I could operate on natural, organic energy, but boy was I wrong. Just like millions of other mothers in this country, coffee is the reason I wake up now. Without it I’m a complete mess.

But because of my still relatively new addiction to coffee, the color of my teeth have changed. My pearly whites are not so pearly white anymore. That’s why I, just like so many other coffee feigns out there, try to come out with solutions on how to whiten my teeth in the comfort of my own home and before going to the dentist. And while I’m not medical professional, I will say that there are at-home remedies that do work.

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Here are 10 easy and highly effective natural ways to whiten your teeth.

Why Do Teeth Get Yellow?

yellow teeth
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We’ve all see it and many of us have had to deal with it — yellow teeth. According to Colgate, having yellow-tinged teeth is a mix of several factors including genetics, smoking, certain foods, and dentin and enamel issues.

It can really mess with your self-esteem, but thankfully there are ways to get rid of the yellow and reveal those pearly whites again!

1. Salt

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It’s easy and cost-effective and usually offers great results (at least that’s our hope). Yep, I’m talking about salt! Brush your teeth with salt once a week. This will remove stains and whiten your teeth. Use it just as you would toothpaste. You can also use salt as an alternative toothpaste, believe it or not.

2. Coconut Oil

coconut oil
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Honestly, I really don’t know what I did with my life before I discovered coconut oil. For whiter teeth, start with a teaspoon of coconut oil. Swish the oil in your mouth for 15-20 minutes making sure it covers all the areas of your teeth and gums. Spit out the oil in the toilet or trash can (just not in the sink as it can clog drain)s. Rinse out your mouth with warm water and brush as usual.

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