Natural Sweeteners for a Greener Planet

Natural Sweeteners for a Greener Planet

By Beth Aldrich, Founder and Editor in Chief of For Her Information Online Magazine

Cakes, cookies and candy—we’ve all probably eaten heaps of these over the years; it’s no wonder that millions of diet books are sold each year. What baffles me is when people say, “I have to cut back on fat.” This is reasonable, depending on the type of fat you’re cutting back on (yes, there is “good fat”), however very few people ever mention sugar: That white, processed friend that puts you in a spin…that powdery stuff that is never enough. 😆

Trust me, sugar and I go way back. Remember the sugar-filled straws they used to sell at the penny candy store? Whoever invented a 24″ straw filled with colored sugar should be sat down and scolded. How dare they give “sweet” unsuspecting girls like me that much sugar at one time? You wonder why our mothers thought we were crazy! We probably were, based on what we know now.

Of the 12 definitions for “sweet” in the Webster’s dictionary, here are a few that caught my eye…“having the taste of sugar or a substance containing or resembling sugar, as honey or saccharin”; “Pleasing the senses, agreeable; having a pleasing disposition.”

I agree that I can be “pleasing to the senses” and “agreeable” on a daily basis, however being paired with artificial sweeteners is not my idea of sweet and it doesn’t seem to truly support a greener planet.

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