Naps During The Day? Anywhere? Then You Need This Hypnos Hoodie

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If there’s anything that I can’t manage to do during the day, it’s take a nap! No matter how hard I try, I have a million things running through my head and that usually lasts until I go to bed late in the evening as well. But if were possible for me to get a little shut eye during the day, trust me that I would take full advantage of it just so I can get the little boost of energy that I need as a crazy, frazzled over-scheduled mom of two.

Fortunately for those who like to take their siestas after lunch time, we’ve got good news. Brothers Josh and Ryne Woodle have created hoodies that double up as pillows for your naps-on-the-go. Oh yes! Hypnos hoodies are not only cozy and stylish, but it also has a secret: The hood turns into a pillow.


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