Police Thought These 3 Babies Died Of SIDS Until A 3 Decade Long Secret Was Discovered


There are so many scary things in the world it’s hard to know when you should be for real afraid and protect your kids. Or when you’re being an over-cautious mom and you need to chill. So many parents worry about leaving their kids with babysitters or at daycare and even some stress about leaving their children with family. There have been enough news stories circulating to make these worries seem justified. And this three decade long story of Nancy Moronez isn’t going to put our minds at ease either.

This story goes back almost 40 years — back in the very early 80s when Nancy was babysitting a child. According to reports, Nancy had called police when she was babysitting an 11-week old baby. She told them at the time that she was babysitting for one of her husband’s co-workers. Police say she told them she had fed the baby, then left the baby in the chair for a moment while she washed out the baby’s bottle. According to her, when she returned, she found the baby lifeless and called police.

Police did an investigation and ruled the baby’s death as SIDS.But the story doesn’t end there. Instead it ends with 3 babies who died and a daughter who is left wondering what was going on. 

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Devan McGuinness

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