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postpartum body

It is really important to realize that healing after having a baby is not easy. Hearing other mom’s stories can help! Blogger and mother of two Julie Bhosale of The New Mum’s Nutritionist discusses the importance of paying attention to how your body feels post childbirth rather than the way it looks. Julie says, “I really struggled with all the body changes I went through after the birth of my first son. I felt a lot of pressure to get my body back – and expected that because I was fit and healthy it should be easy, I also struggled to breastfeed my son and so my confidence in myself and has a women and as a mum was really low.

POST BABY BODY SNEAK PEEK! Tomorrow night I will be posting my blog “My Real Postpartum Body” sharing my real post baby…

Posted by Julie Bhosale on Monday, May 4, 2015


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