My Meeting with Monica

No one would ever guess walking up to this gorgeous dark haired, feminine
woman at this trendy LA café that she was the winner of American
Gladiator’s.  I was taken back by how sweet and gracious she was, polite,
well groomed, the anti-thesis of ‘tough’ or gladiator image.  But Tough and
strong she is, a 32 year old mom of twin girls, a successful fitness model
by profession and former Portland Trailblazers Dancer, she defied the odds,
muscled her way through the competitions to be crowned the champion of the
first season.

I actually happen to catch the finale of AG and saw Monica’s race to the
finish, when I heard she was a mom I instantly routed for her, and found
myself really cheering when she triumphed.  She was such an inspiration, I
knew we had to interview her for the website.

Monica loved watching American Gladiators growing up so she jumped at the
chance to audition when her sports agent presented it.  She actually at
first tried out to be one of the gladiators..she was quickly shot down.   So
she auditioned to be a contestant on the show.  It was a 2 1/2 week process,
round after round.  She said it was mentally exhausting waiting around all
day and then having to been ready very fast to compete.  They only got one
opportunity to try the different obstacles, so often during each event you
were not only physically outmatched but you were also out of your element.

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