Multiple Mom Susan Pinsky: Triplets Were A Lot of Work, Now Octuplets…

Susan Pinsky had triplets sixteen years ago. The thirtysomething UCLA graduate had health insurance and a loving husband who was a successful doctor. Despite being married to “probably one of the smartest men in America,” she says lovingly of her husband Dr. Drew Pinsky, having triplets was very difficult.

In the early ‘90s, Susan and Drew Pinsky were a normal couple from Pasadena. Dr. Drew’s Loveline wasn’t yet nationally syndicated, and he didn’t have multiple television shows. When they found out they were having triplets, they couldn’t have imagined the uphill battle for their family’s survival.

Susan experienced a variety of health problems. She was bed-ridden for three months prior to delivery, and remained in the hospital after the delivery. The Pinskys soon realized that they had to hire around-the-clock professional help to ensure the safety of their newborns. “People who have one baby cannot believe that someone who had three could handle it. One baby is plenty for one human being to endure,” she says. These triplets ripped through thirty diapers every day.

“It was worth it,” she says of the effort and sacrifice in raising Douglas, Jordan and Paulina. Their fraternal triplets are now sixteen, each with a driver’s license.

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