When Motherhood Swallows Your Identity, Do This!

Life is precious but let’s face it, it can also be a grind and sometimes life needs to be about me.  Busy moms often liken themselves to hamsters on a wheel, just running mile after mile with no end in sight. That was me. I saw a friend make some changes in her life that truly made her seem reborn. So I made my own bucket list for the year and I couldn’t be more fulfilled. When motherhood swallows your identity, Do what you need to for yourself and do it NOW (you don’t have to do what I did 🙂 !

#1 – I signed up to run the walt disney world princess half marathon with two amazing women. This was way outside of my comfort zone being that I hadn’t run more than a block in the ten years since I had kids! But I didn’t let that stop me. Nadia Carriere Child Mode and Audrey McClelland Mom Generations  who were in for the challenge with me and started training together virtually. Training was daunting at first for me, but I ran until I had to walk but kept at it. A few weeks in (yep I initially hated it) I began enjoying the process! It gave me a sense of purpose and the running community gave me a new sense of belonging. This was all mine and I loved it! But, I will admit without Nadia and Audrey’s support I am not sure what the end result would have been… But, now, I have this shiny new medal and feel proud to call myself a runner!

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