Mother Of Three Claims She’s A Better Parent When She’s Stoned

Author and parenting blogger Lea Grover writes a powerful piece in Cosmopolitan magazine that basically says she is not a pothead, but it helps the anxiety brought on by 3 kids, 2 of which are twins and it helps to ease the stress.

As parents we all pick and choose those times we have a drink, take a sleeping pill, even take anxiety medication ( that may have side effects). Is it wrong to smoke marijuana when you are the only parent home? Is it wrong any time you’re around the children? What happens when they go to sleep?

The realization came to Lea Grover while home with her crying 2-year-old twins, she writes in a new essay for Cosmopolitan. She hadn’t smoked weed in years, but she decided to take two puffs from her “stash box.”

#bedtime I think I need a selfie stick for these little narcissists

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