Mother of Four Gets MAJOR Surprise Just Before She Has Surgery to Get Her Tubes Tied

About two years after my son was born, my husband decided that he wanted to get a vasectomy. This was mostly because a) having two small children meant we haven’t slept in years, b) having a third child would break the bank for us and c) pregnancy and I are not a good combination. That’s why he booked his appointment, got what needed to be done and we’ve been a happy family of four ever since.

Yet, for one mother in Australia, she got the surprise of her life recently. With four young kids at home, she decided that enough was enough and told her husband that she would be getting her tubes tied… just to find out this instead.

shocked woman
Credit: Shutterstock/pathdoc

Bobbie Rutland ‘laughed at first, then cried’ when she first discovered the news!

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