Mother-in-Law Crosses the Line With New Mom After Barging Into Delivery Room and Holding Her Baby First

When you were pregnant with your first child, you may have discussed with your partner who would be allowed in the delivery room. I only wanted my mother and my husband with my first baby, and just my husband when my second was born (my mom was watching my first born when I was in labor).

My husband and I had discussed this in advance of my due date. I had a birth plan, but knew that things could change and at least I could control who I wanted to be in the delivery room with me. Having my partner on board with me made me feel comfortable.

But one woman became livid when things didn’t go as she had hoped when giving birth.

This mom called MissBax remains anonymous explained on Mumsnet that her labor and delivery didn’t go as planned. Childbirth ended up as an emergency c-section.

Before her daughter’s birth, she had told her husband that she didn’t want any family at the hospital and wanted them to have a few hours alone as a new family before visitors arrived. But because of the traumatic birth, her husband called his mother for support.

While his mom is a doctor, she didn’t have access to the women’s hospital and let herself in without permission.

woman in labor
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Mom upset that MIL was allowed in birthing room

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