Mom’s Trick For Unclogging Her Baby’s Nose Has People Impressed, Grossed Out, And Worried

This mom’s DIY hack is going viral, with many people both impressed and grossed out by her method.

Can this DIY hack help unblock your baby’s clogged nose? That’s what one mother is insisting, as her DIY hack is going viral for one very effective (yet downright gross) reason.

If there’s one thing that I absolutely hate, it’s going to bed with a clogged up nose. That, and seeing my children suffer during bedtime with their clogged up noses, too. It’s no fun being sick yet dealing with all the snot constantly coming out of your nose while you’re trying to fall asleep is a true nightmare. All you want to do is get a little shut eye yet your nose is telling you “Nope, not tonight sucker!”

Thankfully, one mother has come up with a clever DIY hack that will help parents from all around the world sleep a little better at night, especially if they are suffering from the common cold. Her hack includes a little salt water and one handy syringe that will suck the life out of your child’s boogers (sorry for the visual). Yes, it sounds totally gross. But does this really work? And should you do it at home? Here’s what you need to know.

This mom’s salt water DIY hack has fans and critics split!

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