Here Are the 9 Most Unpopular Baby Names of 2016

Picking a name for your newborn baby isn’t an easy task. In fact, I know of a few people who have waited several days, weeks and in one case a few years, before they picked out the right name for their child. Yes, that’s right – I do know of one friend who was practically unnamed before her parents finally chose a name they were most comfortable with a few days before her 3rd birthday.

I mean, let’s be real here: your name is perhaps the most important thing about you in your life. As parents, you don’t want to mess up your kids by giving them a name they’ll regret when they get older. That’s why there’s this list of the worst baby names of 2016. Being unpopular in high school is one thing, but getting a false start in life and at the preschool playground because your name is another!

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Here are some of the worst baby names of 2016!

1. Bee

banned baby names
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You can be a busy bee, you can be a cute little bee but for the love of God, please don’t name your child after a bee. The only bees in the hallways and classrooms should be the school mascots.

2. Christmas

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Yes, a lot of us love Christmas. It’s our favorite holiday. But should you name your child after the day you open up presents and eat dinner around the table with your family? Absolutely not. And no, naming your daughter Christmas but nicknaming her “Chrissy” is not a good idea, either.

3. North

Banned Baby Names
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If there’s one person that can get away with naming her child a directional point, it’s Kim Kardashian. If you thought naming your child North was a good idea, you have a lot of explaining to do when your daughter or son files all the paperwork to have his or her name changed on their 18th birthday.

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