Morning Sickness: Making Him Understand Your Pain

Morning Sickness is a lot like back pain. If you’ve never experienced it you’ll never appreciate how debilitating it can be. Do men understand morning sickness? No. Do men under estimate how bad it can be? Yes.

How can you get your man to be more supportive and sympathetic toward your morning sickness? The best way to get your man to understand what morning sickness feels like is to tell him that it’s like having a hangover for 3 months. Better still tell him that after you’ve put him through the following ordeal…

  1. Take him out to dinner and tell him to relax and have a few drinks as you’ll be driving
  2. Get him rollickingly drunk on a heady mix of drinks (few wines, beers and cocktails)
  3. Take him home and put him to bed with no water or Tylenol
  4. If you get up to go to the bathroom during the night be sure to be noisy and disturb his sleep
  5. Wake him up EARLY (maximum of 6 hours sleep)
  6. Give him a long list of chores to do that you know he will hate (mow the lawn, paint the nursery, go shopping for baby clothes, visit the in-laws – think punishing)

When he starts complaining about his crippling hangover and inability to operate you can turn to him and say, “Darling, that is what morning sickness feels like — for 3 months!”

Let him know that you’ll be requiring a cup of tea and a few dry biscuits before you get out of bed every morning until you are feeling better. When he agrees to do so let him off the list and send him back to bed. Mission accomplished.

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