Toddler Dies After Allegedly Being Physically Abused By Mother’s Boyfriend

Every mom's nightmare.

When it comes to our children, all we want is for them to be safe, healthy, and happy. Anything that brings them harm is painful for us and a nightmare to even think about. Unfortunately, one mom she’s living that reality and now morning the death of her little girl. News reports indicate a toddler dies at the hands of her mother’s boyfriend and it is absolutely heartbreaking. Morgan Koepp, a 3-year-old little girl, was pronounced dead after having to be taking off life support in the intensive care unit. And mom’s boyfriend was arrested on suspicion of child abuse.

According to news reports, Brianna Williams left her 3-year-old daughter, Morgan, with her 33-year-old boyfriend, Sidney Michael Landers. She was out all day and believed she was leaving her child in the hands of someone who could care for her. KTLA News says court documents show that Williams was trying to reach Landers by phone but was not able to get into contact with her boyfriend.

When she returned home, she noticed her daughter’s face was swollen so she rushed her to Phoenix Children’s Hospital in Arizona. It was there that the mom learned of how extensive her sweet little daughter’s injuries were.

According to reports, her 3-year-old suffered from broken ribs, facial trauma, and an infection before going into cardiac arrest several times.

toddler dies morgan
Credit: GoFundMe / Beautiful Princess Morgan

Morgan was rushed to the intensive care unit where doctors tried to stabilize the little girl and treat her extensive injuries.

“She had cardiac arrest,” Tim Williams, Morgan’s grandfather, told KSAZ News. “They had to bring her back. She went into another cardiac arrest. They had to put a machine on her to keep her alive.”

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