Here’s Why Schools Are Banning Kids From Playing Tag & Touch Football

You remember it, I remember it, we all remember it. Playing tag during recess was one of my earliest memories of my elementary school years. It was fun, it was an opportunity to get my wiggles out during the long school day and it was a quick, easy and effortless way to keep kids entertained on the playground. Sure, some of us might have shoved each other a little too hard, with a few of us ended up on the ground or dirt from time to time, but there were never any causalities. In fact, if I had dirt on my knees during the school day, that meant I had a successful recess playing with my friends in the outdoors. Plus, falling down and getting back up again was a part of life and what better way to learn that then at the age of 9 when your one and only determination is to kick a boy’s ass as hard as you can.

Yet many of today’s educators don’t see it that way. They feel as though too many kids are getting hurt during recess or that the game of tag is getting too violent for them to handle and that’s why they are banning it at schools nationwide.

Credit: Shutterstock/Syda Productions

In other words, you’re not ‘it’ anymore. Here’s why:

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