These Funny Moms Are Dropping Truth Bombs About Bathing Suits

With summer pretty much here, it’s time to get real about bathing suits. If you’re anything like me, pretty much every bathing suit is your nemesis. I hate the thought of getting in shape for summer, putting one on and comparing myself to everyone else wearing one, too. It’s not fun, but I refuse to let that keeping me from having fun with my kids outdoors, and neither should you.

Earlier this week, a video went viral where two moms explained everything that we’re all thinking: why bathing suits pretty much suck. You will sit and watch the entire video without getting board because they are hilarious and everything they’re preaching is so, so true!

bathing suit video
Credit: Facebook / imomsohard

Check out these moms hilarious truth bombs about bathing suits!

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Allison Cooper

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