Mom’s Pregnancy Announcement for Her 7th Baby Is One of the Best We’ve Seen

When I made my first pregnancy announcement over a decade ago, I first called all of my friends and family (I know, it sounds so strange right? Picking up a phone, dialing a number and actually speaking through it). I also texted a few people and I told them the news straight up: we’re pregnant! There were no fancy custom made announcements, YouTube videos, baby gender reveal photo shoots or cakes. In fact, there wasn’t even any pressure to do any of these things, either!

Fast-forward ten years later and it seems like everyone has a creative and unique way to announce that they are expecting. To be honest with you, I’m just happy that I’m not pregnant these days because there’s no way I could keep up with the new crowd of mamas, just like this mother, who just happened to learn that she is pregnant with seventh child. This is so cute that it almost makes me want to go up to that number myself, ha!

baby announcement
Credit: Instagram / @MrsJessicaRoberts

You’ve got to see her adorable baby announcement.

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