Mom’s Post Perfectly Captures the Crippling Anxiety So Many Mother’s Feel

Raise your hand if you’re a mother and you’ve ever had anxiety when it came to yourself, your kids, yourself as a mother and just life in general. Something tells me that each and every one of you, myself included, have their hands raised high in the air.

Anxiety sucks and as a mom it seems there are so many things to be anxious about. Most of us handle our anxiety pretty well, but sometimes you just have one of those days when it gets the best of you.

Mother of two and part time television reporter Kristen Hewitt opens up in a new Facebook post where she talks about her own anxiety and it’s something that every mother should read.

mom anxiety
Credit: Facebook / Kristen Hewitt

We’ve all been there

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Kelli is a Lead Writer at Hot Moms Club. She's a Canadian living in the US with a longstanding love affair with entertainment news and celebrity gossip. She has written about it for some of the most popular websites in both Canada and the US including Entertainment Tonight Canada, I'm Not Obsessed and Babble. When she's not chauffeuring her 4 kids back and forth to the rink for various hockey and figure skating activities, she can be found glued to Netflix or reading a great book.

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