Mom’s Post Explains Why She Won’t Allow Her Son to Accept His Perfect School Attendance Award

Luck is a word that I don’t like to use very often. Why? Because luck is something you really can’t prove. You might be lucky in love. You probably consider yourself lucky to have won the lottery, find your soul mate or have good, smart kids who do well in school. Or you might just feel lucky that it didn’t rain on your wedding day.

Whatever the case, a lot of people believe that when it comes to luck, you either have it…. or you don’t!

That’s why one mom is not rewarding her child for his “luck.” She just doesn’t believe in it and she thinks his school shouldn’t, either. That’s why she’s refusing to reward him for his perfect attendance record at school this year, too.

school success
Credit: Shutterstock/Kim Howell

Are kids “lucky” when they don’t get sick?

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