Mom’s Plea to Keep Sick Kids at Home: ‘School Is Not the Babysitting Club’

When kids are sick, parents have to figure out whether to send their child to school, or keep them home. Sometimes it’s not a simple decision; a little sniffle isn’t enough reason to keep an otherwise healthy child home.

But when is your child too sick to go to school?

Keeping a child home can be tough call for working parents, who have to scramble to make alternate childcare or call in sick themselves to care for their child.

Kids can get between three and eight upper-respiratory infections including common colds per year, according to Statistics Canada, and not every one of them warrants a sick day. Some kids can have a cold and they’re still playing and eating well. But if your child isn’t eating, doesn’t have any energy and has a change in their mood, it’s best to keep them home. Of course if you notice wheezing or breathing difficulty of any sort, a visit to the doctor is likely needed.

This mom is upset with parents who jeopardize her daughter’s health because it’s more convenient for them to bring their sick child to school rather than keep them home.

Maria Jordan’s daughter, Jordan Grace, has Down syndrome.

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Credit: Instagram/ @mommytor_az

Do you send your child to school sick?


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