Moms Need to Make Music Too


Moms Need to Make Music Too

By Winnie Yu

Moms need to make music too! When my kids were at the tender age of 3, I thought music was so important that I signed them up for music classes. While my husband introduced them to The Beatles, the Pixies and the Rolling Stones, I took on the task of musical training and coaxed Samantha and Annie into taking piano lessons. Samantha never took to the piano; she went on to play the flute instead. Annie fell in love with the piano and added the trumpet to her repertoire.

But something happened on the way to teaching my children about music. I rediscovered my own love of making music and began to play my flute again. I started by picking up my old lesson books, and then I bought some new ones with orchestral accompaniments on a CD. For a while, I played alone in my living room.

Then, six years ago, I finally mustered up the courage to join a community orchestra. The first night was sheer terror. I hadn’t played in a group setting since my sophomore year in high school. I’d forgotten how to count long rests, and I fumbled my fingering as I attempted to play the new music. Trying to keep up with the other musicians — who seemed so much more skilled — left me exhausted by the end of the night.

But I went home, practiced and returned the following week. I’ve been playing with the group ever since.

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