Moms Launch ‘Wait Until 8th’ Pledge to Keep Their Kids Off Cell Phones

My kids are only in the 4th and 2nd grade, but let me tell you they are dying to get their own cell phones. In fact, when my husband gave them old iPhone 4s to play with during the summer months (while we were monitoring them, of course) by daughter casually asked if he had a spare iPhone 7 instead. Yes, because spending several hundreds of dollars on a brand new iPhone for my 9-year-old is exactly what I want to do right now. Not.

As much as I hate to admit this, we are all obsessed or addicted with technology or social media in one way or another. Our kids, unfortunately, are turning out the same way. And yes, it sucks but at the same time it’s not going anywhere anytime soon either. Our 8-year-olds are turning to 18 year old while our pre-tweens are already texting, Snapchatting and learning makeup tutorials thanks to YouTube. That’s why a group of moms have decided to do something about it with a new pledge to get kids off of cell phones for as long as possible. Here’s what you need to know.

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Credit: Shutterstock/leungchopan

Help kids take the pledge to wait until the 8th!

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