Mom’s Hilarious Video Highlights All the Reasons Parents Feel Guilty

You know what hurts more than getting hit by a semi-truck in the middle of a five-lane highway? Mom guilt. I swear to you, that each time my children tell me ‘Don’t leave!’ before I walk out the door, it kills a little piece of me inside. My kids are masterminds when it comes to manipulating my emotions.

And I’m sure there are plenty of mothers who feel the exact same way. In fact, a good majority of us deal with mom guilt on almost a daily basis. But thankfully, one mom named Melissa Radke is giving us a reason to smile and even laugh about it. She filmed a video about parenting-related reasons that give us a reason to feel guilty.

Melissa Radke video
Credit: Facebook / Melissa Radke

Some of these reasons are downright hilarious!

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