Mom’s Flu Symptoms Turned out to Be Life-Threatening Infection

Mom of two Cari Kirkness  thought she had come down with the flu when she went to the emergency room at Health Sciences Centre in Manitoba last month.

She had a headache, sore throat, earache and body pains – typical symptoms of the flu. Kirkness went to a walk-in clinic in Winnipeg after three days of feeling ill with flu-like symptoms.

She received a throat swab but the doctor told her to “ride it out,” said Kirkness.

But then a few days later, a bruise appeared on Cari Kirkness’ arm out of nowhere. Kirness’ mom decided to take her daughter to Victoria General Hospital’s emergency room to have it checked.

“My whole arm was red and purple,” she said. “It just got worse overnight.”

mom flesh-eating disease
Credit: GoFundMe

Mom’s flu turned out to be an invasive infection

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Maria Lianos Carbone

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