Mom’s Breast Milk Changes Color When Baby Gets Sick

As we all know, breastfeeding is one of our magical powers. Now, I don’t want to get into another breastfeeding versus bottle-feeding debate here (as to each their own) BUT if you are a mother who chooses to breastfeed, more power to you. You are not only doing your child a load of good, but you are also doing yourself a huge favor, too (as breastfeeding has plenty of health benefits for mom as well).

And even though I breastfed both of my children for a very long time, there were a lot of things that I somehow didn’t notice. For example, did you know that breast milk can actually change its color, texture, shape and form? That’s right – it can go from whole milk to skim milk before you know it!

One mother, Ashlee Chase, couldn’t help but notice that her breast milk changed big time after her 7-month-old daughter got sick. Trust me when I say that you’ll be incredibly surprised by the before and after photos as I’ve never seen anything like this before. If you are a breastfeeding mama, you’ve definitely got to see this.

breast milk
Credit: Facebook / Ashlee Chase

Have you ever noticed a change of color in your breast milk?

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