Moms Are Raving About Target’s New Toddler T-Shirt Slogan

I’m sure we’ve all seen our fair share of sexist and dumb t-shirts that have been marketed to our teens and children. Remember the ‘Allergic to Algerbra’ t-shirt that girls were supposed to wear? Or ‘School is Fun – When It’s Over?’


Well, thankfully someone has decided that enough is enough with these brainless t-shirt slogans. Luckily, our favorite department store Target has stepped up to the plate with a new line of slogan t-shirts that we can all agree on. And we’re not talking about shirts that simply say ‘I’m Awesome’ here. It’s more than just that.

Strong Like Mom
Credit: Target

Find out why moms all across the nation are raving about Target’s new t-shirts.

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