Mom Pleads With School Kids and Teachers to Be Kind to Her Son

By now, most kids have started a new school year. It’s both an exciting and nerve-wracking time for kids and parents as they meet new teachers and meet new friends.

Not all children are open and extroverted; many are shy meeting new people, and stick to the few friends they already know.

And for kids with special needs, starting a new school year can be an especially sensitive time.

A mom from Missouri posted on Facebook to ask parents, kids and teachers for some help with her son.

Cara Thulin started her note off by saying: “This boy is in your ranks now. And I need you all to help me.”

Thulin posted a note on Facebook to the parents, other students and teachers at her son’s high school explaining that her son Zeke Gibson has autism. But while he may have had a different experience growing up compared to other children, he’s still just a kid.

Cara Thulin
Credit: Facebook/ Cara Thulin

This mom sends a gentle reminder to high school students and teachers

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