Mom Whose Son Went Missing During Fishing Trip Slams Second Teen’s Mom for ‘Lapse of Judgment’

Water safety is really important for kids and teens of all ages. It doesn’t matter how much they know or don’t know, supervision is the best way to help keep them safe. We all know that even the most seasoned water people can run into trouble, so young kids and teens should always have an adult with them.

Yet, that wasn’t the case when two Florida teens went missing back in 2015 after their boat capsized in the Atlantic Ocean. Unfortunately, they took out their boat completely on their own.

And now the mother of one of the Florida teenagers who were lost at sea during a fishing trip in 2015 slammed the mother of the second teen after she was found to have had an ‘egregious lapse of judgment’ in a report by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement but the state declined to file charges against her.

missing Florida boys
Credit: The Palm Beach Post/Media Handout

Here’s what we know so far.

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