Mom Who Asked to Reschedule the Eclipse Because Her Kids Have School Gets Trolled Hard

With back to school time just around the corner for our kids, there’s no doubt that moms all across the country are feeling frazzled. I mean, we’ve got to go back to school shopping, get hair cuts and put our kids on a school schedule routine again (which means no more late nights and late mornings).

That’s why I don’t judge whenever a mom accidentally makes a gaffe on social media about this or that. We’ve all got a lot of things on our minds and sometimes… we just don’t think about the things we say. And that’s totally ok because mom brain DOES exist, y’all.

With that being said though, there are some people out there who are trolling this mom after she asked the internet to reschedule to eclipse for the most ridiculous reason. Yes, the solar eclipse!

Credit: Shutterstock/Billion Photos

Here’s what she said.

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