Mom Warns Other Parents After a Halloween Face Paint Burned Her Son

Last year my husband, two children and I dressed up as a zombie family for Halloween. We didn’t think much about it when we applied Halloween makeup to look like we came straight from the set of ‘The Walking Dead.’ As a matter of fact, I was pretty surprised at how well I managed to apply everyone’s makeup before we went trick-or-treating.

Yet after hearing this story I’m about to tell you, I will definitely think twice before applying makeup on my children’s faces again. That’s because one mother got the surprise of her life when it did this to her son’s face! My daughter in particular has very sensitive skin and as a parent, I never really thought about doing skin tests before putting on play makeup or allowing her to put my own blush and lipstick on when she’s “experimenting” in my bathroom. This mother’s story is definitely an eye opener, as it can happen to anyone at anytime. Again, you can never be too sure about anything. Here’s what you need to know.

Credit: Facebook / Alexandra Leigh Carter

This mother is warning parents to be very careful after a Halloween face paint kit did this to her son!

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