Mom Warns Against Letting People Kiss Your Baby After Hers Contracts The Herpes Virus

We really have to be so cautious around babies

When I had my first baby I was super paranoid about germs. No one could touch my baby unless they washed their hands first and you couldn’t even think of coming near my baby if you had even the tiniest of coughs! The more kids I had the more relaxed I became with my kids, but I was still always vigilant about the hand-washing and not touching my baby if you were even the slightest bit under the weather.

Even now, years after I’ve had a baby of my own, I make a point to wash my hands before holding a baby, and if I see a friend with their little one I will coo over them but I make it a point not to touch them, at least not their bare skin.

But still, many people love to pick up and cuddle and kiss newborn babies that aren’t theirs and for the most part we don’t think about it at all even though a newborn’s immunity is not fully developed. We simply see someone wanting to show their love and affection to the newborn, but sometimes they don’t realize that all that love and affection is putting the baby at serious risk.

One mom is warning others about the dangers of letting people kiss their newborns after her toddler son almost died from a virus that doctors said he probably got from an innocent kiss.

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